IMMUNOSCORE® For Patients Diagnosed With Localized Colon Cancer

Why Immunoscore®?

The seriousness of cancer, and particularly the colon cancer, is essentially gauged according to the extent the tumor (T) has spread within the affected organ, and whether it has spread to the lymph nodes (N) or to a different part of the body with metastases (M). This «TNM» classification distinguishes 5 different cancer stages (0 to IV) associated with different risk of recurrence following surgery (prognosis) and thus guides the choice of treatment.

However, this approach fails to account for the important role of the immune system.

The immune response can now be accurately measured in clinical practice with Immunoscore® to improve the estimation of risk of relapse.

What will your Immunoscore® results show?

Your Immunoscore® indicates the ability of your own body to fight cancer.

  • If your Immunoscore® is high, it means that you have a low risk of relapse.
  • Conversely, a low Immunoscore® is associated to a higher risk of relapse.

Download general presentation of Immunoscore® (EU version)


Your oncologist will use your Immunoscore® result in combination with other parameters to assess your risk of relapse and decide with you the most optimal treatment.

Discover how Immunoscore® is predicting the risk of relapse in localized colon cancer in a short video

Meet Jérôme Galon presenting Immunoscore®, a clearer cancer test

When and how to perform Immunoscore®?

After your surgery, a tissue sample from your tumor is preserved for further testing.

When your doctor orders Immunoscore® Colon, the hospital will send a portion of this sample to a HalioDx laboratory to perform the test.

You do NOT need to go through any additional procedure to get an Immunoscore® test.


Immunoscore® results are reported to your doctor within 10 working days of receipt of the specimen, giving a score - low, intermediate or high - which is your own Immunoscore®.

Talking to your oncologist about Immunoscore®

Each patient has their own level of risk, but how do you know what your risk is?

You’ve been diagnosed with colon cancer, it is critical that you get as much information as possible about your disease and discuss all your treatment options with your physician.

For localized (stage II and III) colon cancer patients, this discussion should include Immunoscore® as a new parameter to assess how your immune system fights the tumor and help to choose the appropriate treatment for your cancer.


For additional help in understanding colon cancer and your treatment options visit: or

or download ESMO/ACF Patient Guide for colorectal cancer: Colorectal-Cancer

For more information,contact your oncologist.


The information provided in this document is intended for patients who have been diagnosed with colon cancer. This document is not meant to provide medical advice.

The patient should discuss all treatment options with his or her physician.

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